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Waving Myself To Death

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Finally getting around to writing the second part to my Nekocon report after almost literally tearing myself away from Google Wave. Got an invite today and it’s eaten up my entire evening. I am an unapologetic Google fanboy.


As mentioned previously, the best part of the con was meeting the people we met. Amu did more talking and networking than I did (I’d gotten into this mindset that I was just a dude at her table and didn’t go out of my way to represent myself at all), but I did make sure to talk at least partially to some of our neighbors.


Next to us was Omonomopoeia, who sold handmade classic gaming merchandise. They had super awesome LUMAS. It reminded me I stopped playing Super Mario Galaxy before completing it and I’ve got to get back to it. They were great neighbors and I hope we can hang at future cons.


Next to them was Moon’s Creations. Anything amigurumi is obviously up our alley, and these super cute bunnies kept us glancing over just to make sure the cuteness was still in view. Absolutely someone we’d be thrilled to be next to at a con in the future. If we’re dealt the right cards that could happen sooner than later. ;p


Also adding some amigurumi into the mix was Manifested Dreams. At this table were magnetic Katamari balls, which tickled us silly considering we had Amu’s Katamari Prince amigurumi at our table. When two great tastes to great together you get something kinda awesome.

Other people we spoke to and had a blast with at the con were our OTHER neighbors A Case Of Random, who makes tribal jewelry, chainmail accessories and other shiny things. Also have to give a shout out to Monica, who does work on the The Knights of Leviathans webcomic with her crew at Tangent Artists. It was a pleasure speaking with her and I hope we can talk again at another show.

We met so many more people, including a reader whose name I did not manage to get because I was distracted by how awesome it was that someone who read the comic stopped by and said ‘Hey.’ If you see this drop a line so I can be happy at you all proper like. We’d also met some doll collectors that were very awesome, and whom I’ll let Amu mention on her doll blog. She’s very excited to have new dollie folks to talk to.

If I’ve left anybody out please don’t be upset. Let me know and I’ll make changes to the post. It’s late and I’ve had a lot to think about today so my brain meats are still not doing the remember thing too good.

Thanks again to everybody who stopped by at Nekocon. We hope to see you again in the future.

Thanks for reading.