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If It Were Syndicated

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I believe I made mention back when I started this comic [here] that Amu and I had made an attempt at doing a comic strip back when we first met. She was (and still is) a very meticulous artist, and I’d always wanted to do a comic strip. Back then the only thing I was thinking of was syndication. Can we put together something we could publish? While that never happened, the acceptance and explosion of “the webcomic” has given us a chance to get it done in a different way, where WE control our content.

I was at work yesterday when webcomic creator Jeph Jacques made the call for webcartoonists to draw their strip if it were syndicated. Now let’s establish a couple of things here. Firstly, my webcomic here is a photo comic. Since this is not a syndicated style that meant if I played along it would have to be drawn. So secondly, I cannot draw. I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at it. I’ve made dozens of attempts to try and learn but I lack the patience and precision finger dexterity to get past the frustration stages.

You know what, though? I still drew one, and here it is. I bring to you guys a WHAT IF scenario where Amu’s World as a concept was being syndicated in newspapers:


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As illustrated above, there’s a reason this comic is made with photographs, and is not illustrated. 🙂