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Schedules Are Hard

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

They shouldn’t be, but as a matter of confession I have a terrible time with them. I also have a terrible tendency to be forgetful and absent-minded. Case in point–this past weekend at BALTICON I managed to leave my backpack at a transit stop. Didn’t realize it until 45 minutes later after we’d gotten to our destination. Bag, and stuff, gone. Thankfully I don’t remember there being any critically important information inside it.

This plague has struck again, already, as I remembered just in time to start working on Wednesday’s comic that I left my box with all of the characters at another location. I have no doodz to take photos of for comic making goodness. As a result, I must apologize that the comic will not be done until later Wednesday evening. I do try to get the updates done on Tuesday and scheduled for an early Wednesday publishing time. Try as I might to keep the delays at a minimum, it does happen.

Later this week I’ll talk a little bit about Balticon, so be ready for that.