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Re: Lip Smack

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The problem with updating once a week is that it can take a while to get to things. In today’s comic I finally get to something that’s been planned for months now. Ninja’s crush has been in the works since before we introduced Kuno and Momo. It’s with this that my tendency to take a while to tell a long tale comes into the light.

Every story I’ve ever had in my head is practically epic in scale. I have great difficulty telling a short story, which is why I’ve never written down anything. Most of my stories live in my head, and only in my head. This isn’t a good thing, and I do need to sit down and get them out of my nugget. We’ll see. I’ve been on a short story kick lately and with luck I’ll learn a bit more about scaling things down and how to pace these things.

I hope I never lose my job. I may have to force myself to, I dunno, get stuff done. ::GASP!::