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Photo Phriday 6

Friday, December 19th, 2008

In the dolly world — a world I’m all to familiar with by virtue of being married to a doll person — there is a seemingly necessary amount of accessorizing that happens on an individual dolly basis. One thing you’ll find 1/6 scale doll collectors hoarding for their dolls is Re-ment. Re-ment is tiny, doll scaled stuff, mostly food, but some of it oddly practical.

Ninja, for instance, is very glad to have available to him a scale with which he can keep tabs on his pre and post holiday weight change.

Isn’t it neat to see what Ninja gets up to outside of the comic? What sort of thing do YOU expect he does in his spare time? Feel free to share and you never know, we may catch him in the act.

Photo Phriday 18

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Things are getting a little crazy here at Casa de Amu. Things are so hectic trying to figure out where to go with more than a few ideas that we can’t keep much straight.

Osokun’s having the same problem. Too much going on and things are getting muddled in the midst of it all. If things work out the way we’d like, we’ll soon have some Amu’s World merchandise for fans who want to support the comic. stay tuned as we try and slowly figure all this stuff out.