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Care For A Picnik?

Monday, March 16th, 2009

When I do post to the blog, which is admittedly infrequent, I tend to do so at work. My PC here is pretty barebones as far as its specs, and I have no photo editing software on here. Since I’m posting from work though, I need some way to edit photos outside of MSPaint. Enter Picnik.

Picnik’s main contribution to the blog here is allowing me to easily import a photo into their web-based engine via a right-click in Firefox and crop/resize as I see fit. It has a range of other options, some of them premium options you’d have to pay for, but for what I need it for when blogging it’s more than adequate and very awesome.

If you’re not browsing with Firefox, GET IT. If you don’t have the Picnik plugin installed, DO THAT. It’s so convenient for on-the-fly editing if you need something easy done very quickly. It’s been my hero on more than a few occasions. Hooray Picnik!