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Holiday Faux Pas!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Faux Pas

Happy Halloween everybody! I know we just started this journey a couple of days ago, but we wanted to be sure and wish anyone stopping by a great day. Enjoy yourselves out there tonight, and eat some candy for us!

Photo Phriday 1

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Today I think I’ll start a new feature to keep the non comic related updates consistent. Every Friday I’ll post a photo I’ve taken of some of amu’s amigurumi. This is more or less strictly to keep me taking photos, which I’ve been neglecting to do lately if it isn’t related to the comic. Granted, this is a rather old photo, but then again I just thought this morning to do a feature like this. Phuture Phridays will see me creating new photos each week, hopefully displaying noticeable improvements in my grasp of photography as the weeks go on. For now, on to the very phirst Photo Phriday!

There ain't no party like a Ninja partay! Hay! Ho!

There ain't no party like a ninja partay! Hay! Ho!

Photo Phriday 3

Friday, November 28th, 2008

There’s something few people knew about Ninja. Back home, to ease the stresses of ninja life, he rode Alpaca. And, confession time, this Photo Phriday is also a lazy one, and quite late. I’m still trying to train myself to be thinking about the comic all of the time, but I seem to only have some of it in mind when the deadlines hit.

Riding alpaca into battle was sure to confuse the enemy.

Riding alpaca into battle was sure to confuse the enemy.

Photo Phriday 4

Friday, December 5th, 2008

So something I planned to do quite some time ago came back and saved the day. In truth, I had a phenomenal idea for a photo to use this week. My problem is that I’d have to lug all of my photo gear to work with me, on the subway, and that just isn’t happening. I was left to my own devices, which are rather clunky, unwieldy and somewhat busted. The right synapse fired though, and I had what some in the medical field would call a ‘memory.’

Last month I did a guest comic for my buddy Ross to use in his webcomic The System. At some point before the comic went up, he’d also asked for fanart. I was wondering how I’d do fanart, and I figured it out.

This is one of my favorite panels from The System. It really is. Honestly. So there you go, a satisfactory (to me anyway) Photo Phriday and a bit of, dare I say it, Phanart? Booyah.