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Re: Ninjas Collide

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

What’s this? Actual fighting? Sort of? Today’s comic features some ninja vs. panda fisticuffs, which I actually find to be very hard. When I’m writing for fights I tend to write, “a few panels of fighting,” and scribble some dialogue notes. When I sit down to shoot the comic for that week it’s a festival of curses as I try and figure out how they should be fighting. The amigurumi’s limited mobility really hinder attaining the things I see in my head, but I work with what I have.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention that we’ll be at Nekocon this November. Amu’s primarily attending as a Fiber Artist in the Artist’s Alley there, but the comic will have a small section to itself with amigurumi characters and postcards. Our focus for representing Amu’s World at cons is getting new eyeballs. Sometime in our second year we’ll put some more effort into getting merchandise for folks who may want to support what we’re doing here.

Until then, though, keep reading! We love it that you stop by.

Re: The End?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Alright, so anyone keeping track knows that we have one more week to finish up our first year, so we’re not completely done. Today DOES mark the official end of the first story, and next week’s a spoiler for the next story to wrap up year one. That said, I’ve been debating whether I should call it quits once we get there. I have another week or so to figure that out.

Amu’s World is currently occupying that part of me that wants to be making comics. I’m doing that, on my own, and it’s great. I continue to have a blast but feel I’m underperforming. I could be doing better with my writing, and with pushing myself to make more people aware of this thing I put a bunch of time into. I’m working, sure, but I’m not working nearly hard enough and I don’t know why.

I’m worried people will find the comic and not like it. I’m worried I won’t have time for other projects if I step up my game on this one. I’m quite worried about a good bunch of things I probably shouldn’t be, but those thoughts float on the surface, gunking up and confusing all the ideas I try to come up with to do this a little better. Should I even be thinking of this after only a year? Should I wait until I hit two? Three? It can easily be said I have a tendency to overthink things. Most people who know me are nodding right now I’m sure.

So we’ll see. In a couple weeks Amu and I will be at Nekocon, where she’ll have a table selling a few amigurumi and some handmade doll clothes (silkscreened T-Shirts and handknit sweaters). I’ll be behind the table with her possibly with some postcards for the comic. If you’re at the con and read the comic, look out for us in the Artist’s Alley (we’ll be in the Fiber Arts section). I’d love to hear from you.

Quick Reminders

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Just a couple of quick reminders to start off the week:

This weekend Amu and I will be at Nekocon. Amu will have a table in the Artist’s Alley selling handmade doll clothes and some of the usual amigurumi she sells at conventions. I’ll be there to help her out with a stack of Amu’s World promo postcards and some of our postard sets for sale. If you’re at the con be sure to look for us to say “Hi.”

Also remember our First Birthday Celebration Fan Art Contest. Click the image for the rules and instructions. Keep in mind our deadline of Friday, November 13th. We’ll announce the winner on the following Monday. Remember that your imagination is the only rule. Is your fan art drawn? AWESOME! Painted? AWESOME? Sculpted? AWESOME! Is it amigurumi? AWESOME! Is it a photo of an actual panda with a red eyepatch? HOLYCRAPAWESOME!

Take liberties. We want to see how YOU would portray our characters. The most important rule of all, however, is to HAVE FUN WITH IT!

As always, thanks for reading.

Re: All In A Name

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

So here we are embarking upon our second year. I’m pretty excited for some of the things Amu and I have talked about for the future. With our preparations for Nekocon this weekend eating up the bulk of our free time, and Giftmas right around the corner, things may seem as they have been for the past year. Once the new year hits, however, I’ll have time to start moving on my new goals. Can’t wait.

Also, remember that if you haven’t thought about entering our Fan Art Contest, please do. There’s just about a week left, so you have plenty of time to ART YOUR SOCKS OFF!

As always, thanks for reading.

Back Home, And Sorry!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

I just noticed I broke the comic by posting the last Photo Phriday in the wrong category. So sorry about that and any confusion it may have caused. Typically Photo Phriday hits the blog section, and not the comic section. Big oops!

As I work on this week’s comic this evening I’ll be writing a Nekocon report from my perspective as someone in the Artist’s Alley who didn’t get out much to do anything else. It will be mostly Alley-centric with some general convention observations. I actually have a bit to say both positive and constructive.

Also, if you haven’t done so already please check out our Fan Art Contest. The contest ends this Friday, so make sure you get your entries in for the prize. As always, thanks so much for reading!

Re: Quite Utilitarian

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

It all started with a tweet (WARNING: my tweets tend to highlight my anxiety. Follow me at your own risk.) It was then I knew what today’s comic would be about. I’d seen the trend in astounding numbers at Balticon also, but that was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature convention full of SCA geeks and gamer nerds. I’d have been beside myself if I DIDN’T see a bunch of Utilikilts there. At Nekocon however, I did not expect them to show up in such abundance. But without further delay, here’s Part I of my con report.



Before getting to the convention part I want to talk about travel, expense, and word of mouth. Typically when Amu and I do conventions we’ve got a posse with us. Really it’s just our friends and family we go to cons with, who for some reason are awesome enough to help us out with keeping us company and watching the table if we have to step away. Our posse couldn’t be with us this time. We were going to be alone at a con where we didn’t know anybody.

This seemed fine with us as we were told by several people that Nekocon was a great con and that since Amu’s shifted her focus to selling her doll knits this con would be a good test due to the number of doll collectors that show up. While the focus was on the doll clothes, we brought along promo cards and postcard sets for Amu’s World and the normal amigurumi we sell at con tables.

The expense was going to be painful. Since neither of us drive we had to take the train, which really paired down what we could bring with us. We only brought things we could easily cram into our luggage and between the train tickets and the hotel stay we were investing a lot of money on word of mouth. Since we had nobody to help split up the hotel bill we’d have to sell most of what we brought to break even.


A late night of packing, 1 hour of sleep and a 6 hour train ride meant that when we got to the hotel we were practically dead. Amu’s better at sleeping on planes, trains, and automobiles (I totally went there) than I am and I was a bit worse off. Our hotel room wasn’t ready when we arrived so we went out to eat, get some shopping in, and back to the hotel to check in, get settled, and finish up some things that needed finishing before Friday morning.

Checking in was relatively painless, but left me confused that the Artist’s Alley badge was a different, replacement badge for the regular con badge. I’m typically used to getting a ribbon or sticker on a regular badge to denote Artist status. It just seemed odd is all, but with the exception of one minor problem that was corrected immediately checking in went without a hitch. We were ready for the con.

The Con

My first thought was “SO SMALL!” My first convention was Origins in 2000. It was pretty big. Next were Otakon in 2001 and Katsucon in 2002. Since then Katsu’s exploded and Otakon’s the biggest anime con on the East Coast. I’ve gotten used to big cons. Neko seemed tiny in comparison, chiefly due to our experience in the Artist’s Alley.

There was so much unnecessary empty room in the Alley area. They’d crammed the Art Show, Artist’s Alley, Fiber Artists, R/C Racing, Autographs, Photo Suite, and Lunch Area in the same hall of the convention center. All of these things were put in the same hall with a GIGANTIC 20-25 foot aisle running down the center. There was so much wasted room that it always felt empty, and in part it kind of was.

The hall where this hodge podge assembly of stuff was located seemed like the LAST room, out of the way, with little traffic. You’d never know the convention tiny center was full of people by looking in the Bazaar (the name given to the room full of random things that didn’t go together.) At times it felt like a ghost town, the tired and bored artists sleepy spectres looking for life of any kind. It made for long days.

Some word of mouth turned out to be true…kind of. There were a lot of doll collectors at this small convention. The problem we ran into was that while there were a lot of collectors, very few were spending money on doll items. There’s always a risk switching focus, and doing this at a con you’ve never been to is double risky. We knew this going into it and could only be a little disappointed and not totally surprised by it. We’ve worked it out that it was still a great con for us, but for different reasons than profitability.

Amu made a lot of friends and connections. This is a commodity far more valuable than the money we’d hoped to make. We lost a good bit of money working Nekocon. We made a good bit of friends though. We sat near and talked to a lot of really great, awesome people and I can’t wait to talk about them. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Part II of the report that will go up tomorrow.

In the end I can’t entirely write off Nekocon. There’s a lot of negative I could get into from a event programming standpoint, but I’ll hold off on that. I didn’t go to any events or panels so it didn’t effect me at all. I think if we can cut down on our cost to attend the con we’ll gladly go again as Artist Alley folk. We’ll have to either find a ride and/or share a room with more people, but meeting up again with some of the folks we met would be nice.

Tune in tomorrow when I discuss AWESOME FOLKS!

Waving Myself To Death

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Finally getting around to writing the second part to my Nekocon report after almost literally tearing myself away from Google Wave. Got an invite today and it’s eaten up my entire evening. I am an unapologetic Google fanboy.


As mentioned previously, the best part of the con was meeting the people we met. Amu did more talking and networking than I did (I’d gotten into this mindset that I was just a dude at her table and didn’t go out of my way to represent myself at all), but I did make sure to talk at least partially to some of our neighbors.


Next to us was Omonomopoeia, who sold handmade classic gaming merchandise. They had super awesome LUMAS. It reminded me I stopped playing Super Mario Galaxy before completing it and I’ve got to get back to it. They were great neighbors and I hope we can hang at future cons.


Next to them was Moon’s Creations. Anything amigurumi is obviously up our alley, and these super cute bunnies kept us glancing over just to make sure the cuteness was still in view. Absolutely someone we’d be thrilled to be next to at a con in the future. If we’re dealt the right cards that could happen sooner than later. ;p


Also adding some amigurumi into the mix was Manifested Dreams. At this table were magnetic Katamari balls, which tickled us silly considering we had Amu’s Katamari Prince amigurumi at our table. When two great tastes to great together you get something kinda awesome.

Other people we spoke to and had a blast with at the con were our OTHER neighbors A Case Of Random, who makes tribal jewelry, chainmail accessories and other shiny things. Also have to give a shout out to Monica, who does work on the The Knights of Leviathans webcomic with her crew at Tangent Artists. It was a pleasure speaking with her and I hope we can talk again at another show.

We met so many more people, including a reader whose name I did not manage to get because I was distracted by how awesome it was that someone who read the comic stopped by and said ‘Hey.’ If you see this drop a line so I can be happy at you all proper like. We’d also met some doll collectors that were very awesome, and whom I’ll let Amu mention on her doll blog. She’s very excited to have new dollie folks to talk to.

If I’ve left anybody out please don’t be upset. Let me know and I’ll make changes to the post. It’s late and I’ve had a lot to think about today so my brain meats are still not doing the remember thing too good.

Thanks again to everybody who stopped by at Nekocon. We hope to see you again in the future.

Thanks for reading.