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Photo Phriday 8

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Slowly recovering from yesterday’s panic over an unexpected surge in traffic (thanks again, guys), I set to brainstorming what to do for this week’s photo. I am committed to making Photo Phriday for amigurumi ONLY, so for inspiration I went rummaging through old crocheted dolls that Amu had made in the past.

Meet Lil’ Baphomet. Baphy was made for one of Amu’s first shows outside of the convention scene where she was selling her amigurumi. This was the precursor to the Creative Alliance‘s Merry Mart show, and took place in an art gallery in Fell’s Point. She was selling some of her first amigurumi ninjas there as well.

Lil’ Baphomet came about as a joke, for at the time we were discussing our favorite Chick Tract. It stuck, and there he was. She never did sell him, but he represents what’s left of our first non-convention show.