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Photo Phriday 17

Friday, March 13th, 2009

So today’s Photo Phriday almost didn’t happen. Why? Well not only have I been going through a bit of a photographic lull at the moment, I also happened to, umm, forget sorta. In an attempt to rush and get something done I tried to experiment with some stuff and managed to get this.

Juan’s doing a little thinking. He’s thinking about home, his ninja skills, and trying to figure out why Ninja hates him. Stay tuned next Wednesday for the new comic, as it focuses on Juan’s homeland.

Not An Ecuadorian Holiday

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I have an hour long commute on public transportation to get to work everyday. Mostly I listen to music or read, but today I opted for something different. I bring you THAT THING I DID ON THE TRAIN TODAY:

It made sense that Ecuador wouldn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and this little thing popped in my head. I decided to give drawing the characters a try, and this pretty much sums up the extent of my artistic ability. Since I was just goofing around I didn’t consider that it was on lined paper, and I didn’t want to clean it up to pretend I took it seriously.

That said, it sparked the idea that I may want to do this sort of thing a little more often. If anyone would like to see me do a drawn, weekly mini strip leave a comment, send an e-mail, or hit me up on teh Twitters. If there’s enough interest I’ll give this a shot and see where it goes. And who knows? I may learn to draw!