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Photo Phriday 10

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

So it’s Friday and that means another edition of Photo Phriday. At some point I’m going to stop numbering them and start naming them. This one’s coming a little late because I had an idea I knew I wouldn’t have the time for until this evening. What I like about this little experiment is that it forces me to think about the characters a little more, and how I can stick them into situations that make a good photo outside of the comic. What popped in my head this time?

Too HOT in the HOT TUB!

It occurred to me that even bad, dirty little yakuza bunnies need to get clean. Here we see Warusan and Chance in the tub, a hot tub, relaxing after a hard day’s being bad. Osokun finds it to be too hot. That and neither of his friends look particularly like James Brown, which would have made a difference.

On another topic, one of the things I like to do is find out who may be talking about Amu’s World online. I was checking web traffic today and noticed someone linking us. I want to give a hearty thanks to Ninj4kitt3n on DeviantArt for the link. We appreciate you sending more eyeballs our way. And if anyone else likes the comic enough to link it, and I happen to notice it (really you can just let us know if you want) I’ll begin to toss around some shout-outs. We’re really tickled that people are talking about it.

Honestly, we’re having a blast messing around with the comic, and we’re still very much in the beginning part of a big learning stage. We’re humbled and honored that there are people who enjoy what we’re doing. Keep checking back every Wednesday for new comics, and we promise that as time goes on and we continue to learn the comic will get better and better. More than that, once I develop a strong and consistent system for putting it all together, it may even get more frequent.

Thanks again Amitowners!