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Photo Phriday 48 – Grouped

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Coming in right before the buzzer this week. I’ve been sick all week, and while I probably could have (read SHOULD HAVE) done this while home I was far too ill. Are you buying that? No? OK, so I was instead spending far too much time streaming things I’ve never seen before via Netflix and subsequently watching the first 10 minutes of TransMORPHers, which I’d somehow thought was TransFORMers. Way to go, brain.

At any rate, it slipped my mind and here we go. An old photo of Amu’s amigurumi that we never used for anything.

We were going to use this photo for Christmas cards last year. Now that this won’t happen I’ll share it with you guys. Enjoy?

Also, I want to thank a mister Bryan Prindiville, buddy and artist of the webcomic Hello With Cheese, for A) linking me, B) putting me in his comic, and C) Finally drawing something I’ve been asking him to draw since I’ve known him. Check it out RIGHT HERE.

Don’t see me? Look lower and lefter. The pug is me. Been asking for him to draw a pug for a while and when people cave I win. Thanks for letting my win, Bry. You are A (not THE) MAN!