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Re: Far From Over

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

So Amu’s World isn’t going anywhere anytime soon after all. Ending the strip’s been on my mind for about a month or two now. When I started I made a goal for myself. I promised I would make a weekly webcomic and not miss an update for an entire year. As I got closer to meeting this goal I began considering what exactly I’d do once I’d done it. I think I’ve figured it out.

I’m making new goals. One isn’t enough, and while it was a good start I think I’m ready to add a few more. I’m beyond happy I’ve met this goal. It feels really good to know I can do the things I set out to do. While this seems obvious, and I’m going to get slightly personal here, you must understand I’ve been going through some wonky anxiety issues for the past 8 years or so. I’ve not set or met a goal in that time. This is big for me.

I didn’t do it on my own. Not even remotely. Amu (my wife and creator of the amigurumi featured in the comic) has on more than one occasion forced me to not give up. I wouldn’t have made it the first 3 months without her. There are more people I need to thank.


I have an addictive personality, and I’m a social chameleon in that I tend to absorb the traits and interests of people I’m around. To this end I have to thank Nick and Marty (Dead of Summer) for providing the spark. If it weren’t for knowing them I’d have never had this idea. I need to thank Ross Nover for being so helpful right out of the gate. He almost single-handedly helped me navigate that first learning curve. Also Jamie Noguchi and Darren Gendron for, when I asked The Twitters if anyone would like to see an amigurumi webcomic, responding so energetically and positively that yes, they’d very much like to see that.

I also can’t leave out Jamie Baldwin, Bryan Prindiville, and the rest of the Super Art Fight crew for being supportive. In addition, I want to thank Onezumi and Harknell for being awesome and for welcoming me into the greater webcomics fold, and for sort of (via Twitter) introducing me to Bree and Ami who are awesome and friendly despite never having met me.

Last but not least I want to thank my awesomest readers Doridachi and Vanessa for being there early on, taking the time to communicate with me, and sticking with the comic for so long. You guys keep me going.

I know this isn’t an academy awards acceptance speech, but I seriously would not be making this comic at all or having as much fun as I’m having without their help and support.


So now that I’m going into my second year I’m going to make some changes. Nothing’s going to happen overnight, but since I’m sticking with this I need to start considering how I’m presenting it. I’m going to re-design the site. I don’t know how yet, but I started sketching some ideas out this past weekend. I’m going to get that CAST page up finally. The photos are done I just need to put the page up.

I’m going to start hammering out some of the dozen or so T-Shirt ideas I have so I can help people out with that “I REALLY need an Amu’s World shirt but there aren’t any” problem so many people seem to have. 🙂 I’m not and artist nor a designer, but I’m going to try. I’m going to blog here more. I don’t do it often enough and I really should. This will happen sooner than later.

I will be doing contests and asking for feedback and working harder to engage my readers. I love that you stop by and want to get to know about you and what you like. I also want to start rewarding my readers to show how much I appreciate and value their time. So without further ado…


If you’ve read this far (why are you so crazy to have read this far?), get ready for our First Birthday Celebration Fan Art Contest! The rules, also detailed on the Contest Page, are as follows:

– Create some Amu’s World Fan Art
– Fan Art can be in any medium (drawn, crocheted, sculpted, photographed, ANYTHING!)
– BE CREATIVE! We would LOVE to see our characters in YOUR style!
– Deadline is the end of day on Friday, November 13th
– E-mail your submission to me at: bcslaski [at] gmail [dot] com

The weekend after the deadline Amu and I will go over the entries and select a winner, which we will announce on Monday, November 16th. The prize is an Amu’s World amigurumi doll and a large size print of YOUR CHOICE from any of the Photo Phriday pictures.

So let’s see that Fan Art!

The Next Year

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Quite some time ago, deep in the recesses of my brain, I’d dog-eared today. I’d made a half remembered mental note that by this date I would have done some really neat things. Currently, I’m doing one really fun thing(this comic,) and even that with far less “oomph” than it deserves. A few years ago something happened, and I’ve been wrestling for just as long to figure out exactly what that was. All I do know is that somewhere along the line I became very afraid of taking risks and being spontaneous.

Today I turn 33 years old, and I had so much I wanted to get done by now. I haven’t done any of it. There are times I think about this and feel I’m just too old now to start learning new things. I don’t have the money to go back to school. There are so many younger people so far ahead of me in anything I want to be doing. Whether it’s comics, or photography, writing, and a tad too many other creative areas. I want to be creating, and telling stories, and instead of being inspired by those around me who are accomplishing similar things I get frustrated and dejected. It’s all garbage excuses, of course, and deep down I know this. The anxiety’s always kept me from taking initiative on things though. Frankly, right now, I’m sick of it. I waste far too much of the time I’ve got and I’m taking it back.

Today I’m tossing off the gloves and am going to take my fears head on. I’m going to do things, because I want to, ignorant of “how” it’s “supposed” to be done and I’m going to fail. I’m going to fail a whole lot. But I’m going to keep trying until I figure it out my own way. I can’t keep comparing myself to other people and relying on other people to help. I don’t want to be them. I don’t want to be doing what they’re doing. Not exactly, at any rate. I want to do my own things in my own way, and I’ve been taking for granted this overwhelming support I get on a daily basis from friends and family.

I’ve never understood it, but for some reason people like me. While it may forever remain a mystery to me why this is I’m making it a point to justify it. It’s a really great feeling to know that my friends believe in me, and whoever I am to them they like me. It’s time to be somebody I like for a change. I’m going to start that right about now. It’s selfish time.

Unless this is hot air and I’m back to moping in a week, but if you see/hear/witness me doing this I give you permission to punch the crap out of me, maybe even in the face. Deal? 🙂