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Re: Run Prince Run

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

In yesterday’s comic, Juan found himself without options and will now have to make a tough choice. I kind of hate those. In truth I hate having to make a choice at all, period. I have been known to let myself miss out entirely rather than choose.

If anyone’s noticed my seeming disappearance from the internet lately it’s because, like Juan, I find myself in the midst of having to make some tough choices. It’s taking me quite a bit longer to get this done than I’d thought, but I do have to remember my propensity to simply not choose. So to the handful of people wondering where I’ve been, I’ll be back. With luck, when I return I’ll be more myself than ever. Fingers are crossed.

The comic is immune to this break I’m taking though, so if you’re only here to see amigurumi comic weirdness then you’re in luck. The comic will be delivered on time, every week. As the primary thing I think I’m doing an OKAY job on, it stays. Hooray comic! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.