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Re: Guess What?

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Last weekend, Amu and I went down to D.C. to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival street parade and eat lots of food. It’s become a tradition over time, and every year the weather decides to be temperamental. Not once since we’ve been going has the weather been 100% cooperative.

The first year we went together it rained, no, poured practically the entire time. To escape the rain we ducked inside one of the museums and managed to be lucky enough to see the Hokusai exhibit while it was still there. It was very inspiring and fit the mood quite nicely.

The past couple of years it mainly rained some. Not a lot. Not too much at all, but just enough to be inconvenient when it did. This year the wind was almost intolerable. At lunch I probably ate as much dirt as food. The wind kicked up huge sheets of dirt that threatened my food and my camera. Fingers are crossed that next year we break this strange weather thing we’ve had going on for a while.