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Invading The Dark Tower

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I’ve been known to be a downer sometimes. This makes it more difficult to appreciate the good things. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have a lot to appreciate. One of those things is THE BEST BOARDGAME EVER! As it turns out, this game was a child of the 80s, and is quite revolutionary for its time on an electronics and mechanical level. The game, or course, is Dark Tower.


I’d never heard of the game before Amu and I met. In face, if I’d never met Amu I may still be ignorant of it’s mighty awesomeness. Her parents had the game and played it religiously between marathon games of D&D (Truly this qualifies them for some awesome parent award.) Amu and I have since been entrusted as keepers of the game. We don’t play often, but when we do it’s an event. We have a complete set of pieces, though a couple are broken. We can buy replacements (and likely will soon) with little difficulty. The complete working game can be found on Ebay for roughly $200[screenshot], depending on availability and such.

Here are a few photos of our recent game:


Exploring the map, invading ruins and tombs, and encountering Brigands, Wizards, Plagues and Dragons to find the three keys that grant entry into the Dark Tower is the order of the day. Man the 80s made the BEST fantasy genre stuff. I’d like to get back to that. Stop with the fantasy camp and get to awesome fantasy, folks. Somebody get to it.