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Thursday, January 21st, 2010

As mentioned earlier this week, Super Art Fight 6 is happening very soon (2 days soon as of this writing) and I’m pretty psyched. When talking about the event a lot of people highlight the artists. Some folks talk about the live music. Today I want to give a little credit to another part of what makes this show so amazing. Hilarious commentary.


Above we have Ross Nover (The System) and Marty Day (Blast-o-Rama), the awesome bastards behind the live commentary that goes on during the art battles. I can honestly say that watching these artists tackle the randomly selected topics from the Wheel Of Death is fun enough. It really is. These artists are clever, and talented and FAST! But what kicks it up a few notches is the witty banter of Marty and Ross. There’s art happening, and a DJ spinning music, and these two guys wrangle up that sensory overload and thread it together with good humor. It also gives a voice to what’s otherwise purely visual entertainment.

As staff photographer for the Super Art Fight show (I still have no idea how that happened) I got to take roster portraits at SAF5. Having taken the portraits myself, and exemplifying the “own worst critic” trait, I immediately see at least a dozen ways I could have made those shots better. I’m told they’re alright though, and I’m in no position of authority to argue. I get to do it all again this Saturday. So very psyched!