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Frontin’ A Lot

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I had the opportunity this past Wednesday to enjoy a bit of a guilty pleasure. No, it isn’t gambling or chocolate. It just happens to be Nerdcore. I’ve been a fan of a couple of prominent nerdcore hip hop artists for a while now, so when I got the chance to see one of my favorites live (courtesy of Ghostfreehood, who booked the show) I went well out of my way to get my nerd on.

MC Frontalot has been someone I’ve wanted to see live for a while now. I’ve been a fan of hip hop since I was a kid and lately it’s taken something unique about an artist’s sound to get me even remotely interested in them. There’s a lot of generic hip hop out there (given a ridiculing by MC Lars‘ song Generic Crunk Rap), and I’m not a fan of a lot of it. Frontalot brings some funk/soul grooves to his sound that complements the flow of his rhymes.

Below is a sample, but check here to see the whole gallery of shots I took of the show.

Frontalot Lookin' Right At Me

Inktown Throwdown

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

In the grand scheme of things this is a day late, the blitzkrieg of blog press about this having come yesterday, but before I forget again here it is.

Super Art Fight is coming ’round to Baltimore’s Ottobar once again on Saturday, December 20th as ink gets applied to canvas in a battle of random themes where artists pull out all the stops to best each other in their application of them to the overall piece. Go on over to to check out all of the relevant information.

Amu and I (Amu’s World represent!) will be there selling amigurumi Ninja and other critters, so stop on by if you are in the area and have the chance. If you pick up a Ninja be sure to check back around the beginning of the year for a special feature set to run on the site JUST FOR YOU!

Other comickers in attendance and participating will be Ghostfreehood (Dead of Summer and Art Fight Highschool), Michael Bracco (BIRTH and NOVO), Chris Impink (Fragile Gravity), Jamie Baldwin (Sudden Valley), Jami Noguchi (Erfworld and, Garth Graham (Comedity), and for a special Co-Creator versus bout Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota (Johnny Wander). Also in attendance will be Onezumi, so WHO KNOWS what hijinks will ensue.

Come if you can, because you will not want to miss this. I mean, if it’s got White Rappers ™ in a tiff then it’s bound to be awesome!

Super Art Fight

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

In roughly an hour amubleu and I will be on our way to attend Super Art Fight at Baltimore’s Ottobar club. We’ll have a tiny space where you can find amu’s amigurumi merch and the FIRST EVER advertisement for Amu’s World. Check it out:

I get brainfarts all the time, but this one smelled of golden roses. I’m bringing the camera with me and will be taking photos, so check back within the next couple of days for a link to the ones I feel are decent. If you can’t make it out, definitely point your browsers to for videos and other media from tonight’s show.

Re: Courageous

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Every once in a while I want to delve into the characters, however goofy they really are, with a slightly more serious tone than I usually do. I’ve been told before to go with my gut and just take the risk and do it. Fantastic advice that I gladly follow every time I deviate from what’s expected. I wonder, though, whether or not it breaks up the flow of fun. I hope not.

Just a heads up that if you’re in the Baltimore area we’ll be at the Merry Mart show on December 6th. This event is thrown by the Creative Alliance and held in the old Patterson Movie Theater to promote buying handmade gifts for the holidays. Amu and I have taken the pledge to have our handmade to factory made ratio way above half this year. If you want to do the same, check your local papers to see if there are any holiday craft events in your area. Buy handmade this holiday season. It’ll make you feel good, good, good. [PEER PRESSURE] 🙂

Re: Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

There are a lot of holidays I enjoy more for the ritual than the intent of the holiday itself. Thanksgiving is one of them. Every year there’s a routine, and it’s a comfortable one. I get to see my immediate family and catch up in an intimate setting. I also get to eat a lot. This is one of the more important rituals of any holiday. THE FOODZ!

It’s this time of year some notable things happen. Chief among them is the consistent presence of EGG NOG all over the place. I. LOVE. NOG! At the Farmer’s Market, Amu and I get a sturdy glass quart of it from a local farmer. It’s thick as Elmer’s Glue, but sooo, soooo gooooood. NOG!

And as a quick heads up to anyone in Baltimore, we’ll be at the Merry Mart show held by the Creative Alliance in the old Patterson Movie Theater on December 6th. If you’re local here, or close enough to justify the travel, stop by. With very little exception, Amu and I will be buying handmade for holiday gifts this year. We like that we can talk, face to face, with the person who made the thing we’re buying. So if possible, support local artists this holiday season and BUY HANDMADE.

Re: Making A List

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Seems I’ve continued the trend of not updating the blog very often. To a degree, it seems, that I’ve even forgotten a Photo Phriday last week. I’ll be making that up. Things have been busy with holiday craziness or I’ve been preoccupied with lots of thoughts. Setting goals? EASY! Breaking those goals down into easily accomplishable tasks so that I don’t give up right away in a fit of frustration? VERY HARD! Working on that.

Last week we had what they’ve now called a blizzard here in Baltimore, and I documented it. Kinda. I decided to experiment with time lapse photography and set up my camera, tethered to my laptop, and pointed it out of our window to capture the snowfall. Unfortunately this drains the batteries something nasty and I don’t have the power cable for my D80. Batteries died and I didn’t get a complete account of what THIS GUY coined as SNOWKILL 2009. I did put this together though:

Roughly the first 10 hours of snowfall. It kept going for at least another 10, so you can imagine how crazy it got. Later that evening I went out with a buddy to shoot, at midnight, the aftermath of all the snowfall once the storm started to die down. Posted them on my Flickr [I actually like these, so please look at them and stuff.] Below is my favorite:

The Curve

This next year I hope to re-work how I do the blog, and will probably be sharing a lot more non-comic stuff. Not sure anybody really gives a hoot who the guy is behind the lens, but maybe I’ll start being a bit more open now. Maybe.