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Big Pimpin’!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

The world of webcomics is a small one. Most people insane enough to get into it tend to know each other, and if they don’t they likely will. As I’m learning, this small world is also astronomically supportive when someone dares to be crazy enough, or lacks the mental faculties to otherwise resist temptations to enter into it. Two of the people who influenced me the most to get into webcomics have, during the course of this comic JUST getting started, retired one webcomic and started another one.

Nick and Marty, the creators of Dead of Summer, have moved on to their next big project. I’d like anybody stopping by to go ahead and check out Art Fight High School, a new webcomic by two of the people responsible for why I’m doing this little thing here. The comic updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so check it out often so you don’t miss out on all the awesome.

Howdy Johnny Wander Peeps

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

So I’m at work, see, just going through the paces and Marty from Art Fight High School says I might want to check my traffic. Instant anxiety. I’m pretty new at this whole shebang, so you all seem to have caught me in the midst of figuring it all out. Welcome. I hope you find it as fun to look at as it is to make.

I’ve told Amu about all of the eyeballs and she’s tickled silly. If you’re going to be at Katsucon, check out the Art Auction for some of Amu’s amigurumi, as she’ll have at least a couple of things for sale there. We should also have some posters out and about, so be sure to look for them if you’re at the convention.

Thanks Ananth and Yuko for the mad pimpage. It was great to see you guys be awesome at December’s Super Art Fight show. I really hope to see you guys around sometime, and maybe I’ll find a way to get the butterflies out of my gut and say Howdy in person.


Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I’m serious about making blog updates more regularly. Part of this is going to be writing about Amu’s projects and how awesome the are. I’m particularly proud to be posting about this one.

Friend and fellow webcomicker Nick (Art Fight High School and Dead of Summer) commissioned a pair of these as a gift. I was able to snap some photos as he picked them up. With one or two minor exceptions this hat is to scale. She charted all the panels out on a large sheet of graph paper and got to scaling it down for a human head.

I witnessed firsthand the amount of effort she put into this, and I’m always blown away by how much attention she gives to the details. I lurve mah laydee.