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Inktown Throwdown

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

In the grand scheme of things this is a day late, the blitzkrieg of blog press about this having come yesterday, but before I forget again here it is.

Super Art Fight is coming ’round to Baltimore’s Ottobar once again on Saturday, December 20th as ink gets applied to canvas in a battle of random themes where artists pull out all the stops to best each other in their application of them to the overall piece. Go on over to to check out all of the relevant information.

Amu and I (Amu’s World represent!) will be there selling amigurumi Ninja and other critters, so stop on by if you are in the area and have the chance. If you pick up a Ninja be sure to check back around the beginning of the year for a special feature set to run on the site JUST FOR YOU!

Other comickers in attendance and participating will be Ghostfreehood (Dead of Summer and Art Fight Highschool), Michael Bracco (BIRTH and NOVO), Chris Impink (Fragile Gravity), Jamie Baldwin (Sudden Valley), Jami Noguchi (Erfworld and, Garth Graham (Comedity), and for a special Co-Creator versus bout Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota (Johnny Wander). Also in attendance will be Onezumi, so WHO KNOWS what hijinks will ensue.

Come if you can, because you will not want to miss this. I mean, if it’s got White Rappers ™ in a tiff then it’s bound to be awesome!