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Re: Making A List

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Seems I’ve continued the trend of not updating the blog very often. To a degree, it seems, that I’ve even forgotten a Photo Phriday last week. I’ll be making that up. Things have been busy with holiday craziness or I’ve been preoccupied with lots of thoughts. Setting goals? EASY! Breaking those goals down into easily accomplishable tasks so that I don’t give up right away in a fit of frustration? VERY HARD! Working on that.

Last week we had what they’ve now called a blizzard here in Baltimore, and I documented it. Kinda. I decided to experiment with time lapse photography and set up my camera, tethered to my laptop, and pointed it out of our window to capture the snowfall. Unfortunately this drains the batteries something nasty and I don’t have the power cable for my D80. Batteries died and I didn’t get a complete account of what THIS GUY coined as SNOWKILL 2009. I did put this together though:

Roughly the first 10 hours of snowfall. It kept going for at least another 10, so you can imagine how crazy it got. Later that evening I went out with a buddy to shoot, at midnight, the aftermath of all the snowfall once the storm started to die down. Posted them on my Flickr [I actually like these, so please look at them and stuff.] Below is my favorite:

The Curve

This next year I hope to re-work how I do the blog, and will probably be sharing a lot more non-comic stuff. Not sure anybody really gives a hoot who the guy is behind the lens, but maybe I’ll start being a bit more open now. Maybe.