Break Time
Wednesday — July 7th, 2010

Break Time

Hiatus. Siesta. Retreat. Etc.


Photo Phriday 69 – Old One

I love gifts. I especially love the gifts you were told about, forgot about, and then are totally surprised and unprepared when you get them. They are neat.


This little great old one was a gift from a friend purchased at Gencon. I wish I’d have gotten some info on the crafter who made him so I could credit, but unfortunately I have none to give. Cthulhu is good stuff, and is one of the best roleplaying game systems I’ve played. I hope to one day play it again.

Photo Phriday 68 – Shuwatch!

With a new character fully introduced we have a Photo Phriday dedicated to him. We’ve been planning and waiting to have this guy show up in the comic for a while.


Here we have Ultraman Ami (ah-mee), the smallest member of the Ultra family. He’s found his way to Amitown and is a welcome member to the cast.

Photo Phriday 67 – Not Exactly Friday

Alright, so it’s way late. I let a lot of things get in my way this past week and that just ain’t cool. So here’s a late Photo Phriday and expect another one this Friday.


Above is something amigurumi related, if not comic related. For Valentine’s Day, Amu got me this little zombie heart Moon Bun from Moon’s Creations. He’s so cute!