Say Hi To My Peeps
December 3rd, 2008

Say Hi To My Peeps

Just when Ninja’s about to get settled it looks like he’s going to run into the sort of people who tend to get into things that are no good. These guys are nothing but trouble.


  1. pwl

    I’m curious how you chose the katakana for Chance’s name. It’s not what one might expect.

  2. Brian

    Holy moley! That’s a faux pas and a half! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. This is what I get for trusting the IME in Windows. I never double-checked it, which in retrospect is VERY silly.

    Thankfully I made the strips in such a way that I can fix this as soon as I get home from work today. Thank you SO MUCH for pointing this out to me. Lesson learned.