Photo Phriday 69 – Old One

I love gifts. I especially love the gifts you were told about, forgot about, and then are totally surprised and unprepared when you get them. They are neat.


This little great old one was a gift from a friend purchased at Gencon. I wish I’d have gotten some info on the crafter who made him so I could credit, but unfortunately I have none to give. Cthulhu is good stuff, and is one of the best roleplaying game systems I’ve played. I hope to one day play it again.


  1. Rachel

    So cute! Love Lovecraft, love Call of Cthulhu. Sadly, it is hard to find people willing to play COC. I’ve given up and just started to reread at the mountains of madness to get my Elder Things fix. Hope you have better luck.

  2. brian

    I have trouble finding people to game in my area period. Not to mention specific games. Living in the middle of a big city equals being surrounded by Normies who don’t know what gaming is. Bleh.

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