Re: Romancing The Game

Today’s comic is semi-autobiographical. I’ve been on a Mass Effect to Dragon Age to Mass Effect 2, then back to Mass Effect and now Dragon Age again before hitting up Mass Effect 2 once more. I’d be a gigantic liar if I said the romance subplots weren’t a part of why I’ve been starting so many new games. But just a part.

The Mass Effect franchise I’m playing multiple games on a “just to see” basis to discover how ME3 will take the choices made in ME1 and ME2, and importing them in such a way that it matters to both the narrative and possibly even the gameplay. I’d be very disappointed if the decisions didn’t have more of an impact in the third game than they did in the second. I’m expecting a drastically different experience depending on choices I made in the first two games. So make with it Bioware.

Also, I’d anticipated getting back to Hidalgo by this point, but he’ll have to wait another week as amu needs some time to remake the new character involved in that part of the story. To make up for it, here’s a surfing alpaca:

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