The New Champ

Saturday night’s Super Art Fight event at The Ottobar here in Baltimore was an absolute blast. From what I saw this had to have been the biggest turnout since the event’s inception some 2 years ago. And those people attending got to witness the crowning of a NEW Super Art Fight champion.


That there’s Jamie Baldwin, artist and writer of Sudden Valley and current holder of the Super Art Fight belt. She defeated former champ Michael Bracco in the main event. I somehow managed to be trusted enough to serve as the event’s staff photographer. For the last 3 main shows I’ve done some portraits of whichever participants I could herd in front of a quickly thrown up lightstand. This time I got EVERYBODY involved in the show. I spent almost my entire Sunday editing these portraits and am for the most part really happy with how they turned out. Hooray for progress!

If you want to see the lot of them head on over to Super Art Fight where they’ve been posted. It’s a tad stressful, but I really like the experience.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Jamie Noguchi

    You are responsible for the best photograph of me ever taken EVER! Thanks for taking all the photos, man. They are totally completely awesome!

  2. brian

    No problem. I personally see a dozen ways they could have been better, but that’s Worst Critic Syndrome talking. I have a blast doing them. Just enough stress to motivate me to try hard but not enough to make me run away screaming. 🙂

    Though it IS kind of funny the BEST photo EVER taken of you is basically a box over your head. Hehe. Glad you liked it. I have big ideas for promo stuff I’m going to pitch to you guys soon, so these event portraits are just kind of the beginning. PLANS!

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