Photo Phriday 61 – Testing, Testing

WOAH! Almost missed posting a photo. Cutting it close because of a wonky bit of scheduling and simple forgetfulness. Today I’m going to break from the traditional photo for the week’s end and get a little behind-the-scenes. Every time I set up for shooting the comic I get my table together, place the backdrop where it needs to be and set up my lights. Lately I’ve been bouncing a flash into an umbrella and I have a reflector up on the opposite side. Works alright for what I’m doing. I then do this:


I shoot my hand. I could do any number of things to test my light. I could put one of the characters there as an example. Instead I take what’s readily available. My arm, out stretched, popping up my hand where the characters will be standing. It’s always with me and I know what it’s supposed to look like under the right light. When you’re concerned about the result first and style later, use whatcha got, right?

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