Re: Friends Til The End

After quite the break, we’re finally getting back to Juan and the girls. They’d gone off to train because, well, that’s what ninjas do. I’d imagine.

If you’re the type to check in on a regular basis you will have noticed I’ve updated everyday this week. Yes. Yes, I know it’s very odd. But as part of a little experiment in “getting back to blogging” I’m going to be posting every weekday in the month of January. That’s the plan, at any rate. Not only that, but if possible I’m going to have a photo in each post, however much a non sequitur it may be.

To that end, I give you Sinestro:


Amu’s sister was over this past weekend and came toting this 13″ Sinestro figure around with her. I have to confess I’m not as big a fan of DC Comics as I am of Marvel, and probably not as big a fan of Marvel as I am independently owned comic properties of varying ownership and origin. That said I gave Sinestro a little portrait shoot by the window. Wookit da widdle fella!

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