Photo Phriday 58 – New Year’s Mochi

Between the holidays, snowstorms, family events, playing with new toys and a myriad other distractions over the past couple of weeks I confess to missing last week’s Photo Phriday. I was going to make it up, but figured I’d give myself I break (like I need one of those) and just focus on the new year and getting things rolling for 2010.


Speaking of the new year, Ninja’s starting it off traditionally with some Kagami Mochi. This prop was made by a new friend Kelly [her ETSY, her DeviantART]. We met her at Nekocon and adore her tiny little charms, jewelry, keychains, and other little gems. She even made a custom Amu’s World Gift Box for a couple of items Amu commissioned from her. She’s super awesome and you should check her out.


  1. Rachel

    Cute photo, I love mochi! It was the hardest thing to give up when I went vegan. Happy New Year!

  2. brian

    I did full vegan for a year. I didn’t have the proper education to do it right and I got pretty sickly. Back to meats, but only occasionally. I’m more a potatoes and potatoes kinda guy. The meat’s optional. 🙂

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