December 16th, 2009


Hidalgo attempts to protect his territory against all these other alpaca!


  1. Simon

    AAHH! No, Hidalgo!

    I wonder what tune he was hurring.

  2. brian

    I wonder what tune he was hurring.

    Hilarious! I may or may not have snort/laughed. And if I had to hazard a guess I’m hedging my bets on something from Man of La Mancha. This is one cultured alpaca!

  3. Simon

    I keep looking at the first two panels:
    If he’s moving from left to right, it looks like he’s taken a step backward in confusion in the second panel. This goes well with the focus shift in the two panels- first we’re drawn to the mirror image as the focal point, then the non-mirror Hidalgo is in focus, accenting the way he’s been pulled out of his reverie.

    Then, in panel three, he has reared up and pulled away from the mirror even more, and the camera gets closer to the ground. It’s a great sequence, and a nice build-up to the smash in the fourth panel.

    Ok, analysis over.

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