Photo Phriday 53 – Teamwork!

When I put the comic together I do one of two things. I script it out with full panel descriptions (rare) or I scribble notes on what will happen and what people may say (often.) What I’ve noticed is that on those days when I write a full script I tend to get more adventurous with the panel photos to fit what I’d described. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. I’m going to work on that.

Above is my favorite panel for the comic I’ve shot so far. It’s two different photos combined and I put a lot of work into covering that up. I like the implied action. I like the anticipation. I look at this panel (dialogue removed) and I see the bar I’ve set for the comic so far as it relates to the photography involved. I not only want to be doing MORE work like this, but I hope to be doing BETTER work than this.

Now if I could only quit procrastinating and write full scripts more often. 🙂

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