Photo Phriday 52 – I Think He Thinks He’s One Of Us

Thanks to yesterday evening’s distraction with Google Wave I didn’t shoot the photo until today after dinner. It’s slightly later than I’d like, but it’s still Friday.

Here we have one of the Moon’s Creations Moon Buns trying his best to fit in with the Bunny Peep Gang. I’m imagining the conversation going as follows:

WARUSAN: Pssst. Boys. Who the heck is that?
CHANCE: I haven’t figured it out yet.
OSOKUN: I think he thinks he’s one of us!

This evening marks the end of the Fan Art Contest. I’ve received some entries and it’s going to be a VERY HARD decision. Amu and I are going to be discussing it over the weekend and I may have to bring in outside consultation. This is the part I hate. On Monday I’ll post the pieces and will announce the winner. Can’t wait!

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