A Different Amigurumi World

Amigurumi Discworld view 2

I confess to not being very well read on Terry Pratchett. In a geek’s world, this is tantamount to blasphemy, but I have at least become familiar with his humor via the requisite Good Omens, which he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman. Just last week I reminded myself that it’s been a good long time, years in fact, since I’ve sat down and had a good read. The book I picked was Pratchett’s Feet of Clay, a book in his Discworld series I’d obtained quite by accident about 8 or 9 years ago as a result of not sending the card back to one of those hardcover book clubs I belonged to at the time.

They sent the book and a bill and on the shelf it sat until last week. I picked it up in my attempt to trick myself into reading again by diving into something different and surprising. I got through about 14 pages before I got very sleepy. Not the book’s fault, as this epiphany that I should start reading again struck me well after midnight. It got lost in a pile, and distracted with other things I completely forgot about it.

Last night, brainstorming for some ideas on how to bring some regular content along to this show, I remembered what I used to do when stuck for content–scour Etsy and Flickr. The things you stumble into at either of these places is often very unique, interesting, and in this case prescient and inspiring. I ripped through stacks and piles to find the book I’d started just a week ago and set it with my bag to take to work today.

On the bus and subway I read and am thrilled to have had that little jolt to my memory. Good Omens was very clever, and very british. It was sometimes outlandish, but that isn’t necessarily uncharacteristic of Gaiman alone. I’m getting a feel for how irreverent, whimsical and absurd Pratchett’s work can be. I have to admit that I like it. I like it a lot.