Re: Ninjas Collide

What’s this? Actual fighting? Sort of? Today’s comic features some ninja vs. panda fisticuffs, which I actually find to be very hard. When I’m writing for fights I tend to write, “a few panels of fighting,” and scribble some dialogue notes. When I sit down to shoot the comic for that week it’s a festival of curses as I try and figure out how they should be fighting. The amigurumi’s limited mobility really hinder attaining the things I see in my head, but I work with what I have.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention that we’ll be at Nekocon this November. Amu’s primarily attending as a Fiber Artist in the Artist’s Alley there, but the comic will have a small section to itself with amigurumi characters and postcards. Our focus for representing Amu’s World at cons is getting new eyeballs. Sometime in our second year we’ll put some more effort into getting merchandise for folks who may want to support what we’re doing here.

Until then, though, keep reading! We love it that you stop by.

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