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The fighting continues in today’s comic as Ninja and Juan take on Kaizoku. I’ve had this big, multi-fight battle sequence in my head for a while, and now that I’m on it I can’t help but feel I’m losing people. Over the past month stats have taken a dive and it’s either coincidence or lack of interest in the fights.

What say you, readers? Do you like the fight sequences? Do you NOT like them? Let me know. I’m pretty keen on keeping folks interested in the comic, and if lengthy fights are driving people away I’ll either keep them brief or skip them altogether and stick with the gag-a-day formula. I’m very close to hitting 1 year without missing an update, and I want that second year to focus on establishing a clear voice with the comic. With your feedback I can help provide a voice you want to hear. 🙂

Thanks again for reading.

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  1. Kevin

    I’m interested to see how you do a fight scene, honestly. So far so good.

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