Re: Details Are Blurry

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been gearing up to start delving more into my photography, to the point of booking shoots for this month. Granted, these are free, ‘favor’ shoots, but I’m hoping to get the people I’m doing them for on board with treating them like the shoots are pro jobs and they are clients paying for them. I’d like everybody to be on the same page as far as dedication to produce quality is concerned. I got myself pretty busy, and find it hard not to lose track of stuff.

In today’s comic the bunny peeps know what that’s like, focusing so much on what they think will happen they lose track of what’s going on. I know what that’s like. I was looking so far ahead to the other things I have this month that I forgot about the comic until late yesterday evening and had to put something together that was entirely unwritten and unplanned. It turned into a very late night, but I got it done.

Also, I was sent a link I wanted to post here, but I can’t get e-mail at work. Will be posting it later.

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