Re: It Just Got Real

Wow. So it’s been a couple weeks away from the main storyline, huh? Today’s comic takes us back to the happenings in Amitown, where things have just gotten a bit more real for Ninja as Juan drops my favorite line from all the Rocky movies. The “MUST” puts it over the top for me. It’s what gives it power. WILL sounds definite, but MUST sounds almost desperate. Four words with so much power because one of them provides purpose and emotion. I really love that line.

Also, I do understand that the Ted & Gary tangents interrupt Ninja’s story pretty bad, especially since we’re only updating once a week. I’ve got something I’m working out to alleviate this that I hope to make happen before the end of the year. All I’m saying is that every Wednesday will be an Amu’s World main story update and that Ted & Gary are not going anywhere anytime soon. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?

Today marks the comic’s 9th month. It’s not a terribly astounding milestone, but believe me when I tell you that I never thought I’d make it this far period, much less without ever missing an update (only updating once a week helps though). It’s due to encouragement from friends (especially those also creating webcomics) and family, as well as feedback from readers who enjoy what I’m doing that I’ve kept it up this long. Thanks, everybody, for your support. It keeps me going and makes this tiny, dumb thing I do worth the effort. I can only hope that I can do your attention justice by getting better, however tiny the increments.

Thanks again for reading. You guys are AWESOME!

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