Line Crossing
July 22nd, 2009

Line Crossing

Ted and Gary attend Otakon and learn that sometimes being IN line can CROSS the line.


  1. Mark

    YES YES!! OTAKON MR. BEAN made it to the Webcomic. hahaha. You forgot to add ALEX COOPER to the umbrella. hahah.

  2. brian

    It’s not too late. I can always make the edit and re-upload the strip. I may do that, actually. Got to represent proper.

  3. amubleu

    i’m not sure i would have lasted the first ten minutes let alone FOUR HOURS AND TEN MINUTES.

    btw, the sun burns were a nice touch. both of you were fried.

    mark how did you remember the alex cooper part? i totally forgot about that.

  4. Duli

    Your comic is amazing… or awesome if you like. It is so well done! I look forward to every new entry!
    Great job and excellent sense of humour!

  5. brian

    Thanks so much, Duli! I enjoy making the comic already, but hearing that others enjoy it as well makes it THAT much more fulfilling every week when I put it all together.

  6. Kelly

    LMAO this is an epic win after hearing the story.

  7. brian

    Thanks. This week’s comic will be about an observation from Nekocon, so you’ll have to let me know if you noticed it too.

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