Syndicated Incorporated

It never ceases to amaze me the number of things I don’t know. Doing this comic’s taught me some things I simply didn’t know before. I didn’t know the Galapagos Islands were part of Ecuador. I didn’t know what sound an alpaca makes. I didn’t know there were blue marshmallow bunny peeps. I also didn’t know that LiveJournal had a RSS syndication feature.

I got a tip from blogger (and reader? maybe?) VCNeilson that not only does LiveJournal have this service, but she went ahead and added Amu’s World for us. So awesome! So if you’re on LiveJournal and wish to get your amigurumi comic fix delivered directly to you there, go check it out.

I’m not running ads, so I don’t necessarily need your eyeballs on this site. I would, however, really love more eyeballs on the comic. So add away, and tell your friends, and comment. I’ll be popping by to check out what people are saying and may start replying to comments there. Thanks!


  1. VCNielson

    Haha! You found me! I purposefully didn’t include my link when I commented about it because I didn’t want you to think I did it just to get my blog displayed, but thank you so much for going to the trouble!

    I would like to not be the only one watching the feed. I’m really glad that you linked it. I hope it brings you more readers. I’ve been really enjoying your comic since I stumbled upon it (through JohnnyWander, I believe). My favorite so far is the comic that introduces the red ninja from Ecuador.

  2. Brian

    Oh, I’m so small time right now I’m just thrilled to death people are reading. Links are the least I can do for people stopping by to check it out. Also, I will google the living crap out of anything.

    Fingers are crossed that the comic gets to more people. Thanks a bunch for adding the comic to the syndication feed there. I had no idea it even existed.

    I’ve been pretty thankful for that link from Johnny Wander. It’s gotten me at least a few readers. I got to thank Ananth in person at Katsucon. Now my hope is that I can keep/gain readers on my own.