Re: Ninjas Watch The Watchmen

It’s a common thing for writers to pull from their own lives elements that get included in their work. Great writing, and great ideas come from experiences. Being witness to something, and having thoughts and emotions about it are key to providing solid context to the written word. Making stuff up is fantastic, but making stuff up that you know about is where the really great stuff comes from.

I don’t do this often enough, but Today’s comic is one of those times I’ve culled from my own life. I finally got to see The Watchmen again this past weekend, and a few weeks into it the moviegoers were quite different from when I saw the movie opening weekend. One time I actually reeled in reaction to one particularly dumb observation. Yes, the above gaffes were actually spoken.

I think what bothered me about it the most is that this wasn’t a teenager. This was a well dressed adult, likely with a job who is otherwise a functional human being. This person confused Reagan for JFK. They also wondered why that dead guy kept coming back up if he was dead already. It was a heck of an evening to endure, I’ll tell you that.

Also, an apology for those unfamiliar with either the graphic novel, or the movie versions of The Watchmen. This comic will be very confusing to you. If you get the chance, dig into BOTH of them. This story is well worth your time in either medium.


  1. Alex

    Depending on my mood, and the quality of the movie, I sometimes really get a kick out of idiots in movie theaters.

    I remember the end of “28 Weeks Later”, where *SPOILERS* the infected come streaming out of some subway tunnels, and directly in the view of the camera is the Eiffel Tower. Some ditzy girl sitting next to me cried out “Oh my god, they’re in LONDON!”. Classic.

  2. brian

    I guess when there’s no goal to enjoy the movie itself, the distractions can become more entertaining than the thing you’re there to watch. Truth told, that’s what going to live wrestling events turns into. You start watching the audience more than the matches.

  3. VCNielson

    I hope you don’t mind, but I set up syndication at livejournal:

    This is the only way I can keep up with comics these days.

    What I found most disturbing about seeing Watchmen in theaters was how many people cheered during the violence. Also, I don’t remember the man getting his hands cut off in the graphic novel. Was glad that they included anatomically correct Dr. Manhattan though. I mean, he’s just naked. People who have a problem taking their children to see the naked blue guy shouldn’t be taking their children to see such a violent movie in the first place.

  4. Brian

    You know, I had zero idea that Livejournal had a syndication feature like that. That’s awesome! Thanks so much for doing that. More eyeballs on the comic is always a good thing, no matter how they get there. I’m in the same boat with keeping up via RSS. If I can’t add it to my reader, I ain’t reading it.

    My experience seeing the movie didn’t see people cheering at the violence, although there was some astounded giggling over how hyper exaggerated it was. And Manhattan’s being depicted as he was in the comics (naked) was the only call they could have made if you ask me. It’s important to the narrative that his separation from humanity is that visible. And yeah, counted quite a few parents taking their children away from a movie I guarantee they thought would be traditional comic book movie fare. Should have done more research.