How I Do It

Before the year ends I wanted to make a post detailing how I shoot Amu’s World. Below is a setup shot for today’s comic, panel 4 specifically. One thing some of you may have noticed is that when I show feet, it’s on wood. This is the Kotatsu. It’s the only consistently clear flat surface I can set up the shots I use for the comic. It’s also the best invention ever. Really.

Back when starting the comic I knew there would be a learning curve, and I knew it would be a while before the comic found its own voice. I also knew it would take some time for me to hammer out a system for making the comic quickly and consistently. This still hasn’t happened as I’m still mostly doing each one at the last minute. As such, I still have yet to work on custom settings. I plan to change this in the new year.

I’m often lighting with two 500-watt photofloods through umbrellas. This shot shows only one, and a reflector, because one of my bulbs died on me and I haven’t had the opportunity to replace it yet. I have my backgrounds draped over two lightstands.

Oh, and there’s a Munny and a shoe that managed to get into the shot because I lacked the forethought necessary to clean up before showing the world how I set up for shooting the comic.

I’m glad to learn new tips and tricks, so if you see something that can be improved, shoot it my way and if it makes sense for what I’m doing I’ll be happy to experiment with implementing any suggestions.