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Photo Phri…Aww Crap

Friday, January 29th, 2010

When I first started doing photos on Fridays I’d intended to be a bit better about them than I must admit I’m being. I’m very much a reactive person far more than a proactive one. As a result I tend to do things rather last minute. Such is the case this week. In today’s case, I’ve simply been unprepared mentally to do anything but shut my brain down except on rare occasion, to debate whether or not to turn it back on (that’s still a resounding ‘NO’ at the moment.)

As such, I’m asking forgiveness once again. As an example of how cluttered and frazzled and on automatic my mind has been I offer you some trivia. Did you know that yesterday webcomic buddies Bryan and Dern posted a guest comic I did for their strip Hello With Cheese? No? Well it’s HERE. Frazzled. I blew that.

In my head I’ve been a thousand plus places at the same time. That’s one of them I should have made sure was at the front. It wasn’t, and that’s not good. To make up for it ever so slightly I’ll offer up another bit of trivia. I hear that tomorrow, Saturday, January 30th, a SECOND guest comic I did for them will be posted at Hello With Cheese. Be sure to check it out. Bry and Dern have been amongst the most outspoken in their support of the things I do. They’re good people. Read their comic.

Right now? Bed.