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Re: Shades Of Red

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

In today’s comic I continue to build on some things that are going to take a while to play out. A carry over from my days as a long-form mega campaign dungeon master, I tend to take a very long time to tell stories. I draw things out and tease and hint and am often VERY blatant about what my intentions are. My default storytelling position is to drag it out though. It could be another year before I’m ready to bloom some seeds I planted a while ago.


This leads me to point my eyes towards the future of the comic for a little bit. Where do I see this story and my process a year from now? How about 2 years, or 5? Currently I’m riding the wave. I’m having fun, which is a very important part of why I still love doing this. I’m not ready to overthink it quite yet. For the moment I think I want to be doing more shows, and doing more for my readers. That stuff is coming soon. Promise. 🙂