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Re: Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

There are a lot of holidays I enjoy more for the ritual than the intent of the holiday itself. Thanksgiving is one of them. Every year there’s a routine, and it’s a comfortable one. I get to see my immediate family and catch up in an intimate setting. I also get to eat a lot. This is one of the more important rituals of any holiday. THE FOODZ!

It’s this time of year some notable things happen. Chief among them is the consistent presence of EGG NOG all over the place. I. LOVE. NOG! At the Farmer’s Market, Amu and I get a sturdy glass quart of it from a local farmer. It’s thick as Elmer’s Glue, but sooo, soooo gooooood. NOG!

And as a quick heads up to anyone in Baltimore, we’ll be at the Merry Mart show held by the Creative Alliance in the old Patterson Movie Theater on December 6th. If you’re local here, or close enough to justify the travel, stop by. With very little exception, Amu and I will be buying handmade for holiday gifts this year. We like that we can talk, face to face, with the person who made the thing we’re buying. So if possible, support local artists this holiday season and BUY HANDMADE.