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Re: The End?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Alright, so anyone keeping track knows that we have one more week to finish up our first year, so we’re not completely done. Today DOES mark the official end of the first story, and next week’s a spoiler for the next story to wrap up year one. That said, I’ve been debating whether I should call it quits once we get there. I have another week or so to figure that out.

Amu’s World is currently occupying that part of me that wants to be making comics. I’m doing that, on my own, and it’s great. I continue to have a blast but feel I’m underperforming. I could be doing better with my writing, and with pushing myself to make more people aware of this thing I put a bunch of time into. I’m working, sure, but I’m not working nearly hard enough and I don’t know why.

I’m worried people will find the comic and not like it. I’m worried I won’t have time for other projects if I step up my game on this one. I’m quite worried about a good bunch of things I probably shouldn’t be, but those thoughts float on the surface, gunking up and confusing all the ideas I try to come up with to do this a little better. Should I even be thinking of this after only a year? Should I wait until I hit two? Three? It can easily be said I have a tendency to overthink things. Most people who know me are nodding right now I’m sure.

So we’ll see. In a couple weeks Amu and I will be at Nekocon, where she’ll have a table selling a few amigurumi and some handmade doll clothes (silkscreened T-Shirts and handknit sweaters). I’ll be behind the table with her possibly with some postcards for the comic. If you’re at the con and read the comic, look out for us in the Artist’s Alley (we’ll be in the Fiber Arts section). I’d love to hear from you.