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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I’m serious about making blog updates more regularly. Part of this is going to be writing about Amu’s projects and how awesome the are. I’m particularly proud to be posting about this one.

Friend and fellow webcomicker Nick (Art Fight High School and Dead of Summer) commissioned a pair of these as a gift. I was able to snap some photos as he picked them up. With one or two minor exceptions this hat is to scale. She charted all the panels out on a large sheet of graph paper and got to scaling it down for a human head.

I witnessed firsthand the amount of effort she put into this, and I’m always blown away by how much attention she gives to the details. I lurve mah laydee.

Photo Phriday 50 – In The Beginning

Friday, October 30th, 2009

I’ve been waiting to do this for a while, but wanted to wait until we hit one year to show it. Today’s Photo Phriday image isn’t a new photo. What it is, though, is a step back in time to before I went live with the strip. I did three test strips and showed them to friends for feedback and to get a feel for how I would do the strip. So today I present to you the very first TEST strip for Amu’s World (before you click for a bigger pic know that this one’s NOT for the kiddies).

click for to make BIGGAR

click for to make BIGGAR

These guys have ZERO posing built in, as these were regular amigurumi that Amu was selling at conventions I appropriated to test out my ideas. They’re posed here with pins keeping things in place that have been photoshopped out. I feel I’ve come a little ways since this first test, but I have a yearning to step it up and take bigger risks. I play it safe with backgrounds and environments so I can remove elements I use for standing and posing more easily. It may be time to rethink WHERE this all takes place and experiment more. I’ve still got PLENTY of room to grow.

Thanks again to anyone who keeps checking by to read this thing. I say it a lot, but I feel I don’t say it enough. THANK YOU!