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Otakon Mini Recap

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Just a quick THANK YOU to folks that stopped by the table during Otakon this past weekend. While the comic admittedly took up a relatively TINY corner of Amu’s table, we gave away all of our business cards and about half of the promo sample comic postcards we had made for the con. To anybody stopping by because they took one of those things, “HOWDY.” We’re glad to have you.

The weekend was a draining one, and I found myself not experienceing any of the con since I stayed in the Artist’s Alley the entire weekend. I thought I was in good shape until we got home and I crashed, hard, for the rest of the night. I woke up once, to eat, and went to bed. I’m equally tired today.

I ended up having a tremendously hilarious experience in the Thursday night pre-reg badge pickup line, though, which will take the focus of this week’s comic. I love cons and I hate cons, for various reasons I’ll get into later. For now, we’ll see you guys later. Thanks for visiting!