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Re: A Tip For Caged Birds

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Another in a long list of confessions I’m bound to make here, I must admit that I “go there.” ‘THERE” is the crude, often profain place that’s slightly to very awkward and is met with either groans or guffaws. It’s the type of humor relegated to ‘Raw’ and ‘Delerious’ era Eddie Murphy. This encompasses about 85% of my spontaneous humor. I can be found to “go there” in most conversations with most people in mostly inconvenient places surrouned by strangers. I’m that guy sometimes.

In today’s comic, Juan “goes there” a bit, much to the confusion of his fan club. It’s something I’d say to be funny and have inexplicably translated as something profain and out of place. I think it’s kind of funny.

This said, I’m fully capable of self-censorship and exhibit the skill quite regularly around children. Now if only I can extend that somehow to strangers…