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Re: Pondering Subliminal Influence

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Here’s a truth about me. I can be subliminally coerced into saying almost anything. I’ve always been a sort of social chameleon, blending in with the background until I have time to start adapting bits of my personality to fit with the people I’m around. It’s typically a slow process, but I’ll quickly and subconsciously adopt frequently repeated words, phrases, and even inside jokes I don’t get. Today’s comic illustrates something I’d absolutely fall for.

To that effect if a person I’m around often purposefully started saying something with the intention of getting me to say it regularly they would not be disappointed. I often wonder if people have done that already, and kind of hope they haven’t. It would be all too easy.

This said, I think I’ve been pretty background blendy for a good few years now. My old group of friends are so far away I don’t spend time with them often enough to blend in with how they’ve changed over the years. When I do spend time with them, despite having known them for a long time, and in one case over 20 years, I feel a bit out of the loop. My New Crew ™ mainly comprised of local-ish webcomics folk also live far away. The effect is that I’m not around them often enough to get beyond the beginning stages of the blending in process. Despite knowing these folks for a couple years now I still feel like I’m meeting them for the first time sometimes and retreat to the background.

Regardless, I always enjoy spending time with any variety of my peeps, regardless of my tendency to feel apart from the group. Just so long as they know that the best trick to play on me is to spend a lot of time with me and fake a catchphrase or physical habit. I WILL pick up on it, and mimic it, and become a victim of subliminal influence.