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Re: Unlikely Escort

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Everyone has an idol. We all have someone we look up to that inspires us to be greater, or who makes is wish we were capable of doing the things they do. In today’s comic, Kuno and Momo are waiting to meet theirs. It can be really nerve wracking to meet your idol. Trust me, I know.

It was just a few years ago, and some close friends of mine and I were in the small lobby area of a restaurant/clubin Annapolis after a show talking to John Mayer before he became, well, John Mayer. He wasn’t my idol. He hadn’t even cut his first album yet at the time. My idol was in the other room, surrounded by people with more ambition than I.

I don’t go to see Glen Phillips everytime he’s in town. This is on purpose mostly, but sometimes I do just lose track. I just love his voice, and have said publicly that if a strange, sulfur smelling man promised me the voice of Glen Phillips if I killed one thousand babies that there would be plenty fewer babies on the planet. Seriously. Sometimes I avoid seeing him live because it reminds me I used to love singing. I don’t do it so much anymore.

So I missed my shot to meet my idol. I did get to meet John Mayer pre-ego though. That guy was pretty cool. I wonder what happened?